About us

Who we are

We began as classmates in the USC Iovine and Young Academy Masters Program. What quickly developed into a shared passion for design strategy and sustainability, we decided to create Mindful Media to share our expertise with businesses we believe in.


With over 25 years of experience, our backgrounds in business development, design strategy, marketing, communications, production, digital media, and experiential design made for a wholesome recipe in designing the functionality of Mindful Media.  

Although we would like to help everyone with their businesses, we are very careful with whom we decide to partner with. We ensure alignment with our Triple Bottom Line commitment by working with companies who are also committed to making a positive social and/or environmental impact on the world around us. ​


Along with working with social and environmentally focused companies, we also do our part. We regularly donate our time to local non-profits and organize blood drives for hospitals in the Southern California area.

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